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Millenium Wind I C Spots


Millenium Wind I C Spots   Millenium Wind I C Spots

AMHR 271276T / FBR 352 FBR received
Foaled: 05/12/2006
Sooty Buckskin Appaloosa with Blanket & Snowflakes

Sire: Silver Meadows Millenium Wind
Dam: Jandts Ticki Tocks

Millenium Wind I C Spots"Wind" is a coming 2 year old, and is taking his place here at Castle Rock to mature and hopefully become our new driving stallion. Currently registered only AMHR, Wind is leggy and refined, with long front legs, and a nice shoulder which seems to move with him. He is very straight, with a perfect bite, having a spotted blanket, snowflakes and a rich chocolate color. Add to that a tail waving trot, and we can't wait.

In looking over the pedigrees for this boy, Castle Rock was VERY pleased to see that he is a Falabella Blend on both the top and bottom sides. He has an extensive appaloosa pedigree, and goes back to original imported Falabellas from Argentina-including 2x to CHIANTI, the "grandfather" of miniature appaloosas, Sherry, a Champion Falabella Mare, and HNF's Senior, another foundation Falabella and Rancho Casa Bellas Chianti II, a Black Roan Snowflake Appaloosa with black points. COLOR--it is "in his blood!!"

Wind will be used for breeding a few mares in spring of 2008, and we can't wait to see what this boy will throw. We look forward to beautiful appaloosa foals in 2009 from our 3 young boys and our wonderful senior appaloosa stallion: Sweetwaters Texas Spotty!

Millenium Wind I C Spots    Millenium Wind I C Spots

Pedigree of Millenium Wind I C Spots