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Castle Rock's First Edition

Castle Rock's First Edition  Castle Rock's First Edition Castle Rock's First Edition

We shaved him and found we were REALLY MISSING OUT ON WHAT WAS UNDER ALL THAT FUR--LEOPARD SPOTS ALL OVER!! "Eddy" is a beautifully marked sorrel and white LEOPARD Pintaloosa, with beautiful blue eyes, born February 19, 2007. Although 23" at birth, he has all the qualities we had hoped for in a driving horse: a short back, upright neck, "handsome" head, pink mottled muzzle and wonderful large expressive BLUE eyes, set on a well defined, muscled body, with a floating trot!

Not just an American Miniature Horse, Eddy is also a Falabella blended colt, and is being additionally registered with the Falabella Miniature Horse Association, as a Falabella Blend.

Check out the "Foals" page for more information and pictures of this boy, his sire and dam. Additionally, the "Mares" page has pedigree information, and past siblings.

He will make a most colorful driving horse, maturing at between 32" and 34".

Mountain High White Cloud
30.5" Black Few Spot Appaloosa
50% Falabella Stallion
Producer of Grand & National Champions
Flabys El Tigre
28.0" Black Appaloosa
100% Falabella
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
World of Miniatures Salt & Pepper
30.5" Black Pinto
Toyhorse Panther
31.75" Black Appaloosa
Toyhorse Domino
34.0" Black Appaloosa
Hayes Hill Lady Anne
32.25" Black
Circle H Snow Doll
31.0" Solid Black
Komokos Bay Rum
29.5" Solid Bay
Reserve National Grand Champion
Snow Bird
33.0" Solid Chestnut
Dent Cheyenne Candee
34.0" Sorrel Pinto
Dent Knick Knack
30.5" Black Pinto
AMHA Top 10 Honor Roll, ROM in Multi-color stallions & geldings; Florida MHC 1991 multi-color champion
Komokos Red Man
28.0" Sorrel
Komokos Little Champ
26.5" Chestnut Pinto
Goforth Little Red Lady
Dent's Nikki Leah
30.5" Black Pinto
Bond In The Chips
30.5" Black Pinto
Sired by Bond Showboy
Bond Lyra
28.0" Black Pinto
Dent Cheyenne Dandy
32.5" Bay Pinto
Komokos Dixie Colonel
30.25" Sorrel Pinto
Silk Oaks Attaway
29.25" Solid Chestnut
Dorsas Kay
30.5" Chestnut Pinto
Lady Brandy
32.5" Solid Bay
Dell Teras Rocky
28.0" Solid Chestnut
Dell Teras Tender Loving
31.5" Solid Black