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Toyland Celena of Castle Rock


AMHA A 180594 / AMHR 283280T / FMHA 1161
Bay Near Leopard Appaloosa (May become a full Leopard)
Foaled: 04/01/2007
Sire: Falabella Guille' (Argentine Import)
Dam: Toyland Cee Cee

"CELENA" is a 100% Argentine lines Falabella, a sorrel, near-leopard appaloosa mare. Born a tiny 17.5" with a colorful blanket, she has not done much growing and is still a petite under 28" mare. She is the cause of Castle Rock searching and finding ICF Ferrari--as her future "groom!" Although born a beautiful little black blanketed filly, she has continued to color, and look how beautiful she is!

The most amazing thing about Celena is her extreme Arabian strut with her tail flying in the air. She lifts her head and her legs up high, as she does her floating trot! It's a most beautiful sight. This is a rare and highly valued trait, which we hope she will pass on to her future offspring. Celena was born with a perfect bite and has well balanced conformation. She has strong Appaloosa genes with both her sire and dam being Leopard Appaloosas. She should be a top color producer for us in the future.

She is a direct daughter of FALABELLA GUILLE, (pronounced Guy) is a 29.75" exceptional Black Leopard Appaloosa IMPORTED as a young stallion from Senor Falabella himself, at the Falabella farm in Argentina. Guille has superior qualities which he passes on to his offspring, first and foremost, being a perfect bite, perfect legs and show type conformation. He has beautiful movement with his head held high and a smooth, gliding trot like artistry in motion. Most important, Guille has 100% Argentine ancestry, with totally different ancestors from most other Falabella in the USA.

Celena's dam is Toyland Cee Cee, a 30.00" Sorrel Few Spot Appaloosa, who is small and correct and a wonderful color producer, obviously. We are looking forward to great things with this beautiful, little Falabella mare. And we thank her for bringing Ferrari to Castle Rock!! If she had grown, we'd never have looked for this outstanding small stallion!

Pedigree of Toyland Celena of Castle Rock