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Custom Pedigree Services

Custom Pedigree Services

PEDIGREE SEARCHES FOR THE SERIOUS BREEDER: Pedigrees laid out before your eyes to guide your breeding strategies, out crossing, line breeding or just to see what horses are in the "up-close" pedigree of YOUR horses. Want to see the pedigree of your proposed foal for next year? That can ALSO be prepared as well.

PICTURE & PEDIGREE SEARCH includes a search of all available registry records for an "up-close" 4-5 generational ancestry, dates, heights, colors, patterns and National titling and show information. A full picture search is done to provide you with photos of the horses in the pedigree, to show conformation, color and patterning. Attempt will be made to "find" pictures, even from earlier owners or breeding farms. Search for "foundation" horses in your pedigree added in an additional column with photo (if available) to see what foundational ancestry lines started YOUR horse's lines.

YOU HAVE DRAFT APPROVAL of the product. A draft of the pedigree is submitted to you for your approval and/or changes. One draft change is included in the price. Additional changes can be made for an additional $5.00 per draft sent to you for approval.

FINISHED PRODUCT includes your name, your farm name, address, telephone contact numbers, website address and email address--as little or as much information as you would like. I also include any information and/or pictures of your horse or horses in the pedigree that you may have and wish to have shown on the finished product.

RECEIVE YOUR FINISHED PEDIGREE in all or any of 3 formats: A glossy "full page" color printout of the pedigree for your files; a "pdf" file suitable for uploading to your website; and a "jpeg/gif" picture format. Additional formats may be available.


  • 1 to 10 pedigrees at $25.00 each
  • 11 to 60 pedigrees at $20.00 each
  • Additional pedigrees - price will be negotiated 1/2 DOWN IN ADVANCE
This is a classic gift for that special horse-person and a must for any serious breeder.

Several Examples:
(click on thumbnails to see finished version)

Bellarena Pedigree Huckleberry Grand Pedigree Black Ty Pedigree

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