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Our Falabella Mares

Falabella AF Granada

Falabella AF Granada 

"GRANADA" is a 100% pure, Argentine Falabella, a Black pinto mare. She is a direct import from the Julio Falabella Farm in Argentina. She was brought to the US by Maria Angelica Falabella for the Falabella Expo in 1998, because of her great beauty and confirmation.

I consider Granada a "GRAND DAM" -- a piece of Falabella history, who proves to the world that the Falabella mares continue to produce well into their 20's. Falabellas have an outstanding record of living a long healthy life and generally are known to live longer than the American Mini counter-part. They are healthy and strong well into the later years and often produce well into their twenties without benefit of AI.

Granada has been both in Canada and the United States, sharing her outstanding offspring with many Falabella breeders who want to take their lines directly to the Argentine farm "close-up".

Pedigree of Granada