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Our Falabella Mares

Falabella AF Dama Quieta

Falabella AF Dama Quieta

"QUIETA" is a 100% pure, Argentine Falabella, a Black roan, blanketed appaloosa mare. She is a direct import from the Maria Angelica Falabella Farms in Argentina.

Many times the name of the Falabella horse helps to determine their identity. Horses like Dama Quieta, having the name "Falabella" coming first, indicates that this horse was born in Argentina, and was imported directly from the Argentina farm. Then, the "AF" indicates that the horse was owned by (Maria) Angelica Falabella -- daughter of the infamous Julio Falabella. So in Quieta's case, we know she was born at the Argentine Falabella farm, and was owned and imported to the United States by Angelica Falabella.

Quieta has a nice large blanket with black spots. She has continued to age with the appaloosa roaning, and although beginning life as a black roan blanketed mare, she is continuing to roan to almost white with her black spots and points. This "appaloosa roaning" effect is more clearly explained on "THE APPALOOSA PROJECT" website.

Since arriving in the United States, Quieta has traveled across the US at least 4-5 times. She has always been considered a Falabella treasure, and has produced beautiful foals when bred to a variety of Falabella stallions. Quieta is triple registered with the FMHA, and the American registries, and will ultimately be permanently retired at Castle Rock.

Pedigree of Dama Quieta