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Information About Falabella Miniature Horses

Explaining the "AF" and "Falabella" Names


It is sometimes very confusing to note where a Falabella was born, and which Falabella family member owned and/or bred a particular Falabella horse.

When first getting into the Falabella horses, with Castle Rock's purchase of the famed, GROSSHILL'S EL REY, the question was put to the FMHA (Falabella Miniature Horse Association) Registry about the horses showing the "AF" in their names, or the word "Falabella" in their names. The FMHA, owned by Toyland Miniature Farm--the biggest Falabella farm in the United States, and friends of Angelica Falabella, daughter of the infamous Julio Falabella, provided the following information to Castle Rock in December of 2007:

"Any Falabella's Toyland purchased from Angelica Falabella were "hard-shipped"...(into the American registries--AMHA and AMHR)...with the Falabella AF name. Any that were imported from Argentina carried the Falabella name with the AF in it. In the early 1990's, Angelica came to the USA...and switched to using just the AF prefix at that time.

The FMHA (Falabella Miniature Horse Association--Registry for Falabella Horses) began using Angelica's rightful Falabella name in registering her horses in 2001. The "FALABELLA AF" horses are Angelica's. The Falabella prefix horses are from "her" Argentina farm.

The very first imported horses in the 60's, 70's and early 1980's had no prefix, but they are recorded in the registries with their name, color and heights. This would include horses like Chianti, Regina, etc."