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Information About Falabella Miniature Horses

Falabella Miniature Horse Association

FMHA'S Official Web Site
(Established in 1973)
An International Falabella Miniature Horse Association dedicated to promoting and
preserving the rare Breed of Falabella Miniature Horses all over the World.

By Laurie Stevens, Owner/President

Please visit the FMHA website -- the official Falabella Registry in the United States.


The Falabella is a rare Argentine breed of Miniature Horse that has been kept pure by breeding only pure Falabellas to other pure Falabellas for countless generations. It is known as the first and original Miniature Horse breed, yet the miniature size is secondary to their pure heritage. It is a true purebred due to their unique and historic ancestry, which is one of its greatest attributes. The other is the fact that the Falabella name is known and recognized all over the world. Breed ancestry has been kept pure by the Falabella Farm and by small groups of dedicated breeders who want to preserve their precious heritage. The Falabella is an exquisitely unique horse that has always been rare due to the limited number within its pure ancestry gene pool. Estimates indicate that only a few thousand Falabellas exist in the entire world. The most desirable feature of the Falabella and its primary value is that of its rarity and pure Falabella ancestry. Falabellas are very prestigious to own and are highy prized by those who have them.




The Falabella Miniature Horse Association (FMHA) was incorporated in 1973 as the first Falabella Miniature Horse Registry in the World. By this time, Falabellas were already becoming very popular and a number of breeders were importing them to the USA and other parts of the world. With continued importations of Falabellas and additional offspring being born, there was a need for a Registry to record and authenticate their pure Falabela ancestry, thus the beginning of the Falabella Miniature Horse Association. The Argentina ancestral Pedigrees were recorded and FMHA registration certificates were issued to all pure Falabellas and their offspring. Today, FMHA continues as an International Falabella Registry for Falabellas all over the World.


Only pure Falabellas are accepted for Registration in FMHA. They must have an FMHA registered Sire and Dam or must have documented proof of every ancestor tracing their original ancestry to the Falabela Farm in Argentina. FMHA honors all pure Falabellas with Regisration certificates from imported Falabellas with ACCF registrations from the Argentina Falabella Farm and from other Falabella Registries in other Countries. The Falabella Registry, American Registries and other Miniature Horse Registries. An additional and important plus is that most Falabellas in the USA are also registered in the American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA) and/or the American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR) and Falabella offspring can be triple registered in AMHA, AMHR and FMHA. This gives owners the opportunity to register, breed and show their Falabellas in the Registries of their choice and still maintain a pure Falabella breeding program.