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Regina Winery's Miniature Horses


Recollections of Regina Winery's Falabella Miniature Horses

By H. C. Baade

(Editor's Note: Several years ago the Regina Winery in Cucamonga, California imported a herd of miniature horses from the Falabella Ranch in South America to use as a visitor attraction and a promotional idea like the world famous Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales. They had an elaborately designed stagecoach built which was drawn by a matched team of miniature horses).

The long list of miniature horse breeders that I received recently from the International Miniature Horse Registry has convinced me that the Regina horses did not end their career in some glue factory, but are most likely thriving in the corrals of several breeders.

Trying to recollect my thoughts back to our repeated visits to the Regina Winery during the 1960's, I'm realizing that next to the wine tasting, looking at the mini horse domain was always a pleasant experience. Regina encouraged all visitors to get acquainted with the wine making, by means of a "follow the signs" self-guided our. It was laid out in a zig-zag path through the champagne and wine production facility. Leaving the shipping and warehousing section, the signs led the visitors into the last building that housed the manufacture of the well-known Regina Wine Vinegars and the mini horse domain.

In the first room were the many awards on display that the horses were honored with: cups, gold ribbons and plaques; and a large selection of shiny harnesses, bridles and halters. In the following rooms were the grooming station, room for the beautiful stagecoach, and the groom's quarters. In the stable area, each stall was marked with a shingle that had the generic wine name painted on it to which the occupying horse was "baptized". From the stable a door led to the outdoor corral where we could admire the minis loafing around.

On sunny afternoons parents would wait with their excited children for their turn to hop aboard the stagecoach pulled by a 4 horse team around a circular track at the picnic grounds of the winery. It was always fun to watch the happy youngsters and admire the mini entertainment.

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More Recollections of Regina Winery's Falabella Miniature Horses

By Mrs. Marie Jan Albee
Rancho Casa Bella, San Luis Rey Downs, California

Where are these beautiful miniature horses? Some, anyway, are high on a mountain in North San Diego County in a place called San Luis Rey Downs. Miniatures are romping around San Luis Rey Downs, a race horse training center for up and coming thoroughbreds. San Luis Rey Downs is the equine equivalent of Beverly Hills.

The Falabella Family has spent over one hundred years of breeding down miniature horses to their current height. At present, there are only an estimated hundred and fifty Falabella miniature horses in the rest of the world outside of Argentina. I believe that the average falabella colt attains about 90% of its full growth in twelve months. Only normal care and diet is required. It is reported that they possible have a life expectancy of up to forty years.

My husband, Dave, and I have enjoyed the Falabella miniatures from the Regina Winery for many years. Two of our miniatures, "Regina" and "Sherry" are very close to us. These two miniature mares plus our other miniatures have entertained guests from all over the United States and Europe. Both Regina and Sherry appeared in the famous Pasadena Rose Parade pulling the famous Regina Winery Stagecoach.

Both these mares are producing offspring that continually delight children at many special events. I have discovered falabella miniatures to be very good with children of all ages.

The falabella miniatures were once a great attraction for the Regina Winery at many special events and soon they'll be appearing at another great attraction center in Southern California. Watch for the announcement!

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