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Bliss: New filly for Chanda!!

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She is simply gorgeous!!  Such a little feminine beauty!!  And the color you wanted -- even with the silver thrown in!!

She's beautiful.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I'll add pictures when she unfolds more, but here are a couple from today.  Probably barely an hour old.
She's already more up on her hooves and legs then when I took the pics.

I am such a great fan of those long legs!!  Just lovely!!

You get longer legs when you like them taller.   both Bonny and Tana are right at 38" tall.

My "Spotty" always put those wonderful long legs on his foals, and their bodies were always "divisible" by three! But he was 34", and the foals stayed below 34" at maturity.  That was one of the things that made me the happiest, as mine were less than the 34" for the AMHA, but had those long legs going on!


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