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That coat being put to good use


Its really cold but dry here at the mo, im loving it. The fatties are getting a good slim down. Came out this morning to give some hay though to find Meadow and Charm (both american bred) with lots of frost on them. The other three were clear (although lou had a tiny spot on his bum) which according to the "experts" means they are keeping their heat to their bodies as they should be doing. Made me wonder why the other two were not (british bred with heavy Shetland influence) but no mind, any weight loss i can gather now ill take. Call me Cruella!

I've had lots of horses covered with frost from head to toe.  But push your fingers down through the heavy coat, and they are as warm as a fireplace.  No cold getting through, so I would bet they'll be fine! 

They look Gr8 Hayley :)

Silver City Heritage Farm:
Hi Hayley, the girls look great! Isn't it funny.... their butts are heart shaped like their noses. 😂😂

Here are a couple of Spanky pictures. In the first one, he heard the camera click, and looked up from hoovering. The others say it all!

hahaha! Im not sure heart butts are a good thing, but ill let summer clips decide. I don't need MORE heifers!


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