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I'm a lazy cook, so I usually just buy Pasta Roni side dishes; but I'd like to make similar side dishes from scratch.   The recipes need to be easy with common pantry ingredients.

What sort of Base do you and shayne like? Tomato/Oil/ cream based ?


--- Quote from: Ryan on January 09, 2018, 06:49:32 PM ---What sort of Base do you and shayne like? Tomato/Oil/ cream based ?

--- End quote ---

I'm not as picky as he is, but probably tomato and cream before oil.  [I'd be open to trying oil.]   Nothing that's "hot spicy", flavorful is good, but not hot.

Carly Rae:
We have this really nice easy pasta dish, my mum makes it from scratch. Its her own recipe, however there could be actual recipes similar out there, who knows haha. Not sure if its exactly the kind of dish you are looking for but I'll post it anyway  :) Its our dinner tonight  :)

This is normally to feed about 7-8 people, with leftovers for lunch. We only have the pasta and garlic bread on the side. We just call it 'Creamy Chicken'

For 8 or-so people:
2 Chicken Breasts diced.
1/2  500gram bag of pasta shells.
1 Onion.
2 600ml bottles of cream.
2, 40 gram sachets of French Onion Soup
Veggies (as many as you want).

Just change it up to suit the amount of people  :) Attached photo of the French Onion soup we use

Yum that sounds great Carly :)

I made one last night as I had to use some Pumpkin Ravioli before it expired. I didn't have any cream so I used "Beetroot Hommus" I know it sounds CRAZY but it was actually really really good. ( and easy)

Capsicum ( bell pepper)
Sugar snap peas
2 x teaspoons of dried Italian Herbs

Fresh Basil and Parsley

and at the last Min I stirred through two massive tablespoons of "beetroot Hommus"


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