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Plans for the festive season ?

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Anyone heading away on vacation ? Plans with the family for xmas ? Anyone cooking ?

Just having a quiet one here this Christmas , Lunch with dads side this Sunday , catching up with Mum Christmas day for Breakfast.

If Its stinking hot christmas day , Ill be staying close to the horses, so I can change waters over and hose and scrape horses down. Might go round to my SIL for a swim.

Just the usual.   Dinner with the in-laws Christmas Eve, then brunch with my Mom on Christmas Day; weather permitting, of course (it's been unusually nice so far this winter, but that can change in an instant).

Going to my oldest son's home on Christmas Eve to prep for Christmas Day -- it's the biggest house of the "local" family, only an hour away.  I'm cooking dinner for 21 people -- a Norwegian Christmas meal which is our tradition.  We have roasted pork loin, Kaneflies (which is like German Spaetzle with a Norwegian twist), Creamed Cabbage with Nutmeg, Creamed Corn (made with heavy cream, cream cheese and slow cooked in Crock Pot), Biscuits, Gravy, a green jello salad with cottage cheese and spices and cold Rice Pudding for dessert with Almond flavor and slices of almonds.  Then we add some American dishes: Green Bean Casserole and pies for my son's wife -- who loves the green bean casserole and pies -- and had them growing up, so we humor her!

Only 6 grandchildren will be there, as 2 are in Seattle and 2 in Texas (that I just visited before Katy deployed last Friday).  So, it should be a really fun day, and my mom always enjoys seeing all the Great-grandchildren opening presents.

Busy day!

I think our family is going to Dianes sons house!!!

I think im coming to that too :)  Diane that sounds amazing !!

Merry Christmas everyone :)


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