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Carly Rae:
Thought I'd post a topic for Moo, shes 12 days old now and doing really well.

I am looking for some pointers though. I think Moo sees us as apart of her 'herd' and wants to play with us. Nothing she does looks aggressive in any way, but she tries to bite when I pat her, kicking is still a big thing but is slowly getting better, and she has started to run up and rear at us with her mouth open.

I don't want to encourage it, but don't know how to go about it. I've tried to just shoo her away and stomp my foot as soon as she rears at me, but it doesn't get the message through that I'm not playing and she keeps coming back. Also shes really bad for kicking Willow too.

Any suggestions how I should react when she rears up at me, kicks and bites?

I've never had a foal that has acted this way, but then again I have never handled foals when they were born as much as I did with Moo. So I guess its a mistake on my behalf, but I need to try stop it, she hasn't hurt me yet but I assume she will when shes bigger.
If I were to put them in a paddock of their own and limit our contact with her for a while and just let her be a horse, would that help at all?

On the bright side, shes super cute!

Some what normal behavior, and you're right, you don't want to encourage it and you need to find a way to discourage it that doesn't look like play to Moo.   You can try responding with "uh uh" in a growly tone or telling her "quit".  (I prefer not to use "no" as it sounds to much like WHOA).
Monte kicked me every day for two weeks when he was around 2-3 weeks old, it ended almost as fat as it started.

You're totally right, she VERY cute!

Kind of normal for some foals, and she'll likely grow out of it.  I actually "popped" a foal's muzzle with a stern "STOP" to get one of mine to move on from nipping.  Took a while, and wasn't really hard -- just surprising.

You did nothing wrong, by the way.  Playing with her is great for socialization.  Then, you watch Willow.  When she gets tired of being kicked -- which at this point she knows is common -- she'll teach little Moo not to do it, and she probably won't be as gentle as you are.  Mares have a great way of teaching their youngsters to behave.

I feel your pain. Had a Welsh foal that thought it was fun to sneak up bite and run off kicking. Once I learned his game.. I had an elbow ready that he smacked his own face on. That was the end of his game. I try to let them teach their self by providing the opportunity.. however I've been known to pop and holler attttt!. I've even followed it up with a squeal and a fake kick.some f oals are just a bit more determined than others. I make sure they know they are allowed to approach me nice but not with attitude. Try to mimic what mares do.
She sure is cute!!

Carly Rae:
I'm glad to hear that its something that wont be ongoing (hopefully)! Thanks for the help   ;D


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