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Carly Rae:
A few days ago when grooming Willow I spotted that she had a large udder, and lately she has been very big in the belly.
I've been keeping an eye on her and her udder is getting bigger. However, we are thinking it could be a phantom pregnancy.

In April this year we thought she was ready to foal, then she got laminitis pretty bad and the vet said the foal would have died.
Its been 8 months since then, and she is showing signs of being pregnant.
I did have my stallion Toby and thinking back I had him tethered to a post a few times (on a long rope) and there was an electric fence that wasn't on, he would walk straight under it into the paddock to eat, and the other horses would hang around him, so he very well could have bred her then. But that would have been after she got laminitis. So she would only be 8 months pregnant. Which is why we are thinking it could be a phantom? But I am still treating her as though she's pregnant just incase, and I am being very cautious not to let her on green grass to trigger another bout of laminitis.

What do you all think?
The first 3 photos are from the 5th of this month.

Carly Rae:
These are from today.

Well well!! She certainly has an udder going on. Her belly looks dropped to me. Its hard to say if its phantom or not without being able to touch her in person and without having a pregnancy test done. But being that you do have a stallion on the property anything is possible! I would be preparing for a wee one just in case!

I'd have to agree, that udder is certainly there, and you know those boys! 

I think you're wise being prepared, and taking care of her as if she's pregnant.  Certainly could be!

Keep us posted, and we'll be praying she stays healthy, and that a new little one is on its way for you!   ;pray ;pray

I also agree and think your doing the right thing. I just bumped her old thread so we can compare Pics.

Like in the last thread, I dont think she is massive , but that is certainly a big udder she has going on there, so being prepared that she is pregnant is the best way to go.

I cant stress enough to limit her grass intake at this time. Pregnant mares can trigger laminitic episodes.

Fingers crossed theres a little one on the way :) ;pray


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