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New member - Johanna !


Welcome Johanna!  I've had the pleasure of working with you for a while now -- finding a perfect Leopard Appaloosa for you.  You'll have to tell you special "Leopard" story with your new friends here!

We welcome you, and I know you'll find this a wonderful group of people to spend time with.  We're a little quiet this weekend, but I'm sure the group is checking the forum, and will see this new notification!

Welcome again!  ~~Diane

Welcome to the group.   We may be quite at times, but we're friendly, just like sitting down to coffee with a friend.

Welcome! And looking forward to getting to know you and your special appy!

Welcome Johanna :)

Cant wait to hear all about yourself and new Appy.

Silver City Heritage Farm:
Welcome to the group🙋🙋, from Julie in North Carolina, USA. (Since I don't know where you're from.)

Feel free to tell us all about yourself. We like details, so please don't limit yourself to just pony/mini talk. Share the entire story...where, what critters you have in addition to horses, dreams, challenges...we support each other through thick and thin here.

Welcome, and I can't wait to get to know you!


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