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Carly Rae:
I just wanted to share something with you all.....

I haven't said this here yet, but about 5 months ago my mum was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. There's been a lot of tears and stress, and that's one of the reasons I haven't been posting in a while. Shes only 45.

After her diagnosis, almost immediately she was booked in for surgery to have her breast taken off, but after more scans they found that it was too big to remove. So they started to suggest 6 months of chemo and radiation to shrink it, but mum has never liked the idea of it. She hadn't been to a doctor in 5 years and went to a naturopath once a month in that time. She really didn't want to go through chemo, and my older sister told her about a former colleague who was terminal liver cancer and only had a few months to live. He used a product called 'Safe soda', which is a medical grade Bicarb soda. That man is still alive today and completely cancer free and its been about 5 years.

Mum has been on the safe soda ever since then, and believe me, it wasn't an easy decision for her. The doctors pretty much denied her any help and they tried to scare her into chemo, when she asked for a couple weeks to try a 'different method' and they said "Well you may not even be alive in that amount of time". The doctors treated her like dirt for not going their way. She not only lost the support of her doctor, she lost her naturopath and her best friend. The naturopath hates doctors, and any other method other than his own and wouldn't support her, and her best friend of 30 years who is in he medical industry told her she is practically "putting herself on her deathbed" and they haven't talked since.

It also made it hard for all of us, mum especially because ever sine she was diagnosed, our uncle passed away from lung cancer, my sisters best friend's mother died of breast cancer and our cousins husband's mum died of liver cancer, so we had a lot of fear.
Mum has taken almost all of our close family members to a safe soda presentation as they didn't like the idea of it, and after a 2 hour presentation she had their full support. Its a truly amazing presentation. She goes to one every Thursday.

But not all is negative... Mum found a new doctor last week who will support her and supply her with the tests she needs.

Her last lot of tests have come back super positive. Firstly, she had 2 tumors, and one has completely disappeared.
However, this afternoon I came home to find mum crying her eyes out, I thought something bad had happened, but it turned out that her cancer is no longer malignant, its now classed as benign, meaning its not harmful/dormant and simply just a lump. Which also means she went from stage 3, to not even being classified in a stage! So mum was crying in pure relief.
Although her new doctor still doesn't fully support mums method, and has said that the reason she only has one tumor is because they merged, but she went to find advice and was told that that its pretty much impossible for it to do that. And with today's news, the doctor said that she must have been mis-diagnosed and it has always been a benign tumor, but every previous test she has had have clearly stated that the tumor was malignant. 

The quickest way I can describe Safe soda, is that it is a medical grade Bicarb soda that alkalizes your body acid and brings your pH to normal. Cancer, or any illness cannot live in an alkaline body. Safe soda is also a very small organisation.
The way I have been told to think of it is:
Think of a swimming pool, its just like our body. We have to maintain the pool's pH, otherwise it will grow bacteria and become highly acidic. Mum's body was at a pH of 5.6, and if that was a pool's pH, it would be green and infested with bacteria and would be strongly be advised not to swim in it. Therefore, if our bodies are at that pH, imagine what is able to grow, in mum's case, cancer. Our bodies actually produce bicarb naturally, however our diets are so full of sugar that we simply can't produce enough to keep us alkaline. Cancer thrives off sugar and acid. The average person should have 6 teaspoons of sugar a day, however studies have been done through safe soda, and the average person consumes 157 teaspoons a day. I could go on but yous can kinda see where we are coming from.

But that is my mums story, and how our life has been for the past 5 months. I completely understand that other people have different opinions, and I'm not trying to bad talk doctors, I know not all doctors are bad and there are some great doctors out there, but mum was just unlucky with hers. This is what we believe in and I just wanted to share with you all. Hopefully mum is on the mend and we can put it behind us and life will go back to normal, its been one hell of a time....
Thanks for reading it, sorry its so long..

Glad your mom found something that is working for her and that she feels better, hope she continues on that healing path.

Silver City Heritage Farm:
Aaaaaahhhh, Carly Rae.....{{{huuuug!!}}}  Sounds like your family has been through the wringer.

This is just a quick note of support. (For now.)  I'll be adding you ALL to the prayer list at work, first thing tomorrow.  Beyond that, I'll say that I do understand the frustration that comes from not having the right fit with your medical team.  I can only imagine how much more crazy-making it would be when it involves a life threatening illness.

Your mom sounds like a very strong person. Not only did she stand up to an MD, she was willing to consider alternative methods to fight her disease. It's unfortunate that, during a time of great need, she lost some of her support system. On the other hand, it appears that you and your family have stepped in to fill the void.

I'll be doing more research on your Safe Soda. A quick peek at it has piqued my interest.  In the meantime, know that you're loved and cared for here. Keep us updated as you can. PM me if you need to vent, I'm a good listener and secret guarder. 😎😎😎

Again, prayers of support and healing are flying to you. From friends two legged and four in North Carolina, USA.


Im so terribly sorry you have been going through this. I am so happy to read that she is healing well and the positive results she received yesterday.

I know its hard to say , seeing none of us have ever met, but u have "some great friends here" and we are are all here if ever you need us , to chat or to listen.

Take Care Ryan :)

That is for sure.  You are loved here, and I'm praying for your Mom, and to continue her strength and healing.  We are always here for you, and it sounds like things are moving in a good direction.

Please keep us posted on this.  She'll be getting lots of prayers here, as will you and your family.   ;pray ;pray ;pray ;pray


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