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We might be a quiet, little group, but I really like it that way.   Less drama and crap.
I'm on FB and on a couple miniature groups there that have grown in leaps and bounds, and some days there is so much drama and crap to sift through, that I think about dropping the groups; but stay to help the horses.
Blessings to all for keeping this place a nice little place to stop for coffee and a chat.

Ditto that , I like it too , we are a great bunch and I enjoy coming here , knowing there will be no drama :)

I agree!! I left a popular th mini horse and p.o. y group because of the drama and the way the admins handle the moderation of the group.
I am so thankful for this forum!!
Y'all are awesome!

And I thank all of you for being there for each and every one of us.  I so look forward to coming here each day, or multiple times a day, just knowing it will be friendly and safe!

Its so wonderful to be able to share our lives with friends who are supportive and understanding!


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