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Carly Rae:
I'm back from my holiday 4 days early, I just had to get home to see our new little one!  ;D

I finally got to have a play with Snickas' new baby Piper, she will be a week old tonight at midnight. She is a very energetic little girl, and I look forward to getting to know her better, so far I've had to bribe her with scratches to get close to her  ;)

I still haven't been able to spend much time with her yet as I got home late, but I had enough to snap some pics for you all to see!  ;D

Such an interesting butt!!  Can't wait until she blows that long foal coat and we can see what's hiding there!!

Silver City Heritage Farm:
I agree with Diane, those white spots are MIGHTY suspicious....they look like appy spots.  I noticed them first thing in the original photo you posted before leaving on holiday.  She looks like she's going to have the typical redhead temperament.  Be prepared, your easy horse days are over! LOL

She is lovely , Dont be shy with the pictures of her :)

Carly Rae:
You guys have me excited!  ;D
Although not so excited for the "easy horse days are over" haha! I sure hope not!  :)

She is warming up to us now, and she sure doesn't mind to come right up and lay all over you!


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