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Suzie is back! Has wax and testing ready! only 280 days

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Hi Everyone,
My beautiful mare Suzie is in foal to a gorgeous black Stallion Glenelan Dynamite.

she was first bred on the 15th-19th November but came back in and was rebred on the 3rd-10th December. making her 280 days from the 2nd breeding at the earliest

She was scanned on the 20th January at 45 days and has been going fine....

32 days ago I noticed her starting to bag up quite significantly so vet came out and rescanned, she was happy with the foal (was moving) placenta looked fine (from what she could see) she was concerned that maybe she had missed a twin in the 45 day scan but didn't think it likely.

we put her on antibiotics and regumate and bute to try and stop her progressing and she has been doing well on that. I came back from 10 days mission trip in Vanuatu friday to find her udder massive... but not ready. I spent yesterday getting the cameras online, rang the vets and we doubled the dose of AB's and regumate her udder however was bigger again last night though with wax on one teat and she was testing 6.2 :( I had a very long night as I wasn't ready for her to foal.

this morning her udder had gone down slightly and she didn't have wax. PH at 6.5

Just checked this afternoon and it's gone back up... PH at 6.2 and wax on both teats

I have ready an isolation section in the stable in case the foal needs intensive care. but I'm really hoping she will hold onto this baby.
don't think it's going to happen, so praying she took on the first breeding and is 300 days or that the foal is strong enough to survive...

I have her up on mare watchers... eyes would be greatly appreciated.

she's in a small paddock at the moment where it's harder for her to hide... lol she will go into the stable about 5pm unless she is looking like in labour.

How is everyone? I hope and pray those in the hurricane affected area won't be too badly damaged.

Hey Cassie great to have you back. Better expect a little Susie baby before very long. My guess is that she took to the first covering and, like quite a lot of mares, was happy to be covered at the later date as well. So get her off the meds and let nature take its course!! I have had a foal survive at 289 days so even if this baby is early, it stands every chance!  Good luck - and where are the pictures??

Classic K Miniatures:
We lost Suzie's foal tonight. 😭
Vet had to come out it was malpresented all 4 feet were coming at once,
We think the foal died just before Suzie went into labour so she couldn't get it to position
It was a beautiful silver black Colt a twin for Pippin.
I'm heartbroken. Hoping and praying Suzie pulls through ok

Her temp is 35.7 so I have two rugs on her and given her a warm mash. Keeping an eye on her tonight.

So sorry about the foal.
Prayers for Suzie for quick and full recovery.

I am so sorry Cassie. You know I am heartbroken for you. Sorry things didn't go as we had hoped.  :'(


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