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Carly Rae:

Snickas was bred last year, although I'm kicking myself for not recording the date she was covered... All I can remember is that I counted the months from that day and I estimated she was due September this year roughly.

Shes almost 6 years old, and last foaled early last year.

It might be too early to tell, but just in case. Shes looking big and reuses to let me touch her belly around her flank/bag/udder area which is very odd for Snickas, usually never phases her. She doesn't have any udder development yet.

She had been running with my stallion Toby since Texas was weaned In September/November? Dates are very rough, but she went in season and she was bred, and I dont think she ever went in season since. But I'd say the September due date is the most reliable to go off, as I'm just estimating the others.

I really hope she is in foal, I sold Toby last month, which leaves me with 3 mares and one gelding. So no more babies for me!
Toby is with a lovely lady in her 50's who treats him like a king, although the poor bugger got the snip last Tuesday! So no more babies for him!!  :)

Photos of Snickas attached.  :)

Oh, she's in foal, no doubt about that, I believe.  That's one low belly!

She's looking lovely and in good condition.  Very excited for you!....and us!

I guess preggers too!!

Carly Rae:

This makes me so happy! Hopefully everything goes as planned and we get one last foal! Hopefully a pinto! And hopefully a filly  :)
Toby is a palomino pinto, his dam was a chestnut pinto. Snickas is a brown? pinto, I dont know if there's a special name for her colour :) So I hope baby is a pinto!

Anyway, I'll pop back in when she has some udder development!  ;D

Chances are good you will get a pinto. Hopefully a filly too. Looking forward to updated!!


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