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I Love to veggie garden! This year I have a 40 x 60 area set aside to garden in, so far have Cukes, Zukes summer squash, green beans tomatos, okra, of many different varieties planted, Have even been harvesting already!

Who else gardens?

I have a black thumb, so no garden here.  I'm happy when the violas pop up on their own.

Do like the garden fresh veggies, when I can get them.

Oh no!!
I grew up with a garden, but when I started my own a few years ago I had so much ( and still do ) to learn..... Ive recently found a tomato variety that should thrive in this Texas heat!

I grew up on a farm in New York, and we had a big garden, an orchard of all kinds of apples and pears, a concord grape arbor, rhubarb as high as the first story of our 3 story barn, huge blackberry and raspberry patches, and the wonderful northern strawberries -- both domesticated and those tiny wild ones (they were the best!!).  But here in Florida, its so hard to get anything to survive the extreme heat. 

But, I used to run my horses in a smaller paddock over the winter here, so in the spring, I could set up a new garden in this horrid Florida sand!  But with good horse manure, things did grow, but certainly not as nicely as they did in the colder temperatures!!

You'll have to keep us posted on how things go for you!

I garden - well not strictly 'garden' as my plants are all in pots right now waiting until we get a new garden organised once the house construction has been finished. Last year we did make a small garden in the corner of one of the fields to mark the area where some of our beloved animals have been buried - still got some more planting up to do over there once the weather warms up.  But I'm a plant person, never seem to have much luck with veggies I'm afraid - all my fresh veggies come from the local village stores   :-[


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