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Hi everyone hope you're all doing well xoxo long time since I've been here, so much going on lately, life got extra busy it seems, looking forward to reading all the threads I've missed!
Anyway do any of you remember the little chestnuts rescue filly about 16 months old deformed hooves and iguana eyes, super cute tiny little thing that was living with a mini jack prior to me picking her up. Was some question as to if she was pregnant by him?! Well we decided she probably wasn't, would be unlikely anyway and she looked to be in heat about 2 months ago when she approached our Haflinger stallion so I never thought twice about pregnancy. Well the last couple days she's looked so round to me unlike her usual. What do you all think? She'd be about 6-7 weeks from birth because we got her June 14 last year.

Imagining she's a maiden, they can carry so up high and tight, it's very possible.  She looks "lopsided" to me, so I'd be keeping an eye on her, and GOOD JOB noticing the changes!

Welcome back :)

I cant add anything else than Diane has said , Keep a close eye on her. She looks great :)

How should I handle this until I know for sure? Will I be able to tell if she were close to falling "if of course she's even pregnant" being she is for sure a maiden. Reason I'm concerned is she lives with my herd I call them the Mini Thugs lol Rightfully earned they're all what I call spoiled brats. Sweet as pie in your lap minis but they love to love each other and give big attitudes as well so I wouldn't trust all if them if she were to out if nowhere gave a baby unnoticed. At the same time I wouldn't want to just throw her in a pen alone when I don't know what's going on, they're a very close little herd of 8

The best thing you can do if vet check isn't an option is to just watch her closely for changes. I find it's difficult to see small changes, so I like to take pictures of udders, vulvas and bellies as a baseline. Then compare all new pics.
She's looking very nice.


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