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Author Topic: Contracts for leasing and selling your equine friend ?  (Read 137 times)


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Contracts for leasing and selling your equine friend ?
« on: April 03, 2017, 11:30:35 PM »

I recently had a Shetland return from being out on lease for the past 2.5 years. It was a friend of my partners and all in all I think he was taken very good care of and loved during his time there.

One thing that concerned me was his weight factor on his return. He was VERY overweight. He is not your average Shetland , he is a lot finer to look at and I was a little shocked when i pulled up to collect him.   

I have had him back for two months now and have limited his grazing time on lush pasture to good quality hay and a mineral block.

Im about to start lunging him as I will shortly advertise him to be sold. Id keep him but the kids that used to sit on him and use him on the lead etc are all adults now and I just think he is going to make some little girl or boy very happy as a leadline pony.

For those that have leased or sold under contract , what do you include in your contracts.??

Im thinking of including a mandatory 3 month trial period to ensure he is suited to his new owner.

I made the mistake with my last racehorse , leasing him to someone I thought would take good care of him. Unfortunately we recently found out that he had been through 3 horse sales and then purchased by the knackery.  He is ok now, but I will NEVER go through that again.

For those that have leased or sold under contract , what do you include in your contracts.??




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Re: Contracts for leasing and selling your equine friend ?
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2017, 11:14:07 AM »

Ryan - there is a company online that deals with contracts for equine.  Think it's and you can take a look at the contracts they have.  You may have specific things that need to be addressed in AU?

I have had a VERY general contract in the past (that was originally set up with legal counsel many years ago).  Honestly I don't even know if it's legal at all anymore - there have been so many changes in the past 20 years.  However, I did utilize it a couple of years ago when I once again leased out Stuffy and was going to use it for a 2nd pony as well.

My vet is talking to me about "borrowing" (she said that "lease" isn't the right word for her spouse -doesn't denote WILL GO HOME, well enough in his "vernacular") a pony and correctly sized tack for their now 1 yr old adopted daughter.  I will update the contract, change info/dates on it and utilize it.  Like I said - it's VERY simple and broad.

Has our farm name and contact info.  Just states, in detail, the pony (name, barn name, age, sex, color, registration, height); a pic of each side of the pony (WORD and PowerPoint are wonderful programs! I'm sure there are others now, too); tack provided (listed individually and can now be pictured) and that the pony is to be cared for at the lessee's expense for a year's time.  It is noted that Owner can come by (with approval, at accepted time) to see the pony.  IF necessary, contract can be ended at any time by either party, for any reason. Signatures of both parties & date signed.  The contract is renewed every year.  I generally provide enough feed/hay to change the pony over to lessee's feeding program in a week's time and when I bring them home, I expect the same privilege.

I don't know, now, how or even if it would stand up in court if there was a problem...  I have worked pretty hard to "vet" the folks that have leased ponies from us.  Stuffy usually ends up leased out for no less than 3 years to each family that has leased her!  Only one time have i had a lease "broken" on her by the lessee and she came home in wonderful shape (actually almost too fat - which can be an issue, too).

Ponies that have been leased out and brought home:

Apache - (2x); came home, then sold 2005. Still O'd by that purchaser.
Chaunter - (3x); came home, then sold 2013.  Passed - 21 yrs - 2015.
Blizzard - (3x); came home, then sold 2007. Still O'd by that purchaser.
Magic - we leased for a year; purchased '98.  Sold/repurchased; leased out 1x for 2 yrs; brought home.  Passed - 20 yrs - 2012.
Shado - (2x); purchased after 1 yr lease by 2nd lessee, have lost track of her - would purchase back in heartbeat!!!
Sioux - (2x); came home, sold - picked up while on time payments/not paid for; came home - sold HAPPY home @ 26 yrs, passed?
Stuffy - (4x) so far.  Currently 21 yrs old and LOOKS GREAT.
Vixen - (3x); came home; then sold.  Sold by that purchaser, still in a show barn being shown @ 19 yrs of age.

Magic, Shado and Stuffy are purebred shetlands; Apache, Blizzard & Vixen - 1/2 Shetlands sired by AJ; Chaunter - purebred Arab; Sioux - lrg pony sized horse of unknown breeding (thought to be gaited horse(s)).

We have had several leases ourselves - Magic is the only one that we have purchased after original lease.

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Re: Contracts for leasing and selling your equine friend ?
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2017, 06:04:52 AM »

I leased out several horses over the years.  I'll review my old contracts and post here after work.
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