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Nail test and color predictions 2017

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Any chance of making this a sticky? I know Holly is a bit late with one but the rest are ok :p

So my lot; Bred to buckskin stallion hetrozygous for Red, Black, Cream, Agouti


Predicted gender: Colt

Predicted colors (could add splash to any of these, cause i think she may have it):


Predicted gender: Filly

Predicted colors

There you go....this should be fun!!!!

Thanks :D cant wait to see everyone elses. My last nail test was filly, and it was correct. I did read somewhere that top mares tend to colt, lower ones tend to filly. In my case, that would make sense !

That's a thought that I never considered.

I always chose my stallions based on their percentage of fillies they produced during their history prior to coming to me, and was usually pleasantly surprised to have a higher count of fillies many times from particular stallions.  Sometimes it didn't seem to matter and it would seem to be back and forth every other year.  But that's something to think about for sure!

Never thought of that! I know banners last foal was a colt before i think he is pretty mixed. His owner reckons he is due a buckskin filly though, so fingers crossed haha!


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