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3 days old first time out. Got to play in fenced in garden area, and our Great Pyrenees got to see him for the first time.

He is quite the little showman, and loves attention. I noticed he also has blue eyes, I wonder if that will change? He also has mottleing around his mouth and possibly his eyes. I can also see some darker spots in the light hair around his muzzle

congratulations, Holly.  He is a little beauty!!

Hard to tell in the pictures, but many foals are born with blue eyes that darken with age.   I've been told there is a difference in color/shade between those that stay blue and those that eventually turn brown/amber; but I haven't paid close enough attention with mine to notice.   

I thought I had posted this, but he's so cute!!

Yes, his blue eyes will change (IMHO) and his snowcap will grow!!


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