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two mini horses for sale

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2012 AMHR gelding for Sale. By a bay son of Buckeroos Top Cat, out of 38" daughter of Little Kings Buckeroo God (AKA: George). Manny is a silver smokey black (maybe silver buckskin). Manny is $1000. Gelded spring 2014. Manny is about 37" tall.

 2016 bay appy colt, will be AMHR registered (once I send in paperwork). By a bay son of Buckeroos Top Cat, out of a 38" silver bay dun mare. Spotty is a colorful bay blanket appy. Will likely mature around 37" tall. Spotty is $1500.

 All pictures are candid pictures, so no posing. I have more pictures, if you want current pics, the boys are pretty fuzzy and no clipping til at least May here in Montana.

I'm really not very good at selling anybody, but at least with an ad up here and on FB, I can say I tried.
If the right home comes along, they are available.

Not Spotty  :(

I Wonder if a Mini is an acceptable gift for My niece or nephew? Just thinking You could wrap him in the baby quilt. hahahahahahah

If he does sell , i hope he goes to a wonderful home :)

Yes, Spotty, but that could change.
Found I couldn't sell his full brother, once someone said they wanted him.

I would be sad to see Spotty go, too, as I would love to see some more spots!!  But, IF you can let him go, I KNOW you'll be very selective for his good home!


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