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Do you think Willow is in foal?

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Carly Rae:
Hello!  ;D

I think my mare, Willow is in foal as of the 28th of April this year. But I am not 100% sure.
Willow is not a maiden, and she is 16 years old. She last foaled in June 2014.

Here are some photos. I'd much appreciate your opinions!

You'll not be able to tell from photos this early.

It would be hard to tell this early on... Has she shown any estrus ?   She sure is  cutie!

28th April was the last time you saw her being covered ?

Glad you started a thread for her. We should be able to see some better signs in the next couple of months when she has lost her winter woolies.

Keep us posted with her progress Carly :)

Carly Rae:
I had a feeling that it may have been a bit early still, thinking back to when Snickas was in foal. But at least now she has a topic for the future, I guess? :)

Is 'estrus' meaning in heat or season?
If so, I haven't seen any signs of it, nor any huge interest from the boys at all, but then again, I could have missed it.
Thank you!!  ;D

Yes, that was the last time I saw it, and my Nan lives on our property too, she watches the horses out her window every day. She hasn't seen anything either since.

No worries, I'll come back with some photos in a couple months  :)


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