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Picture posting quick tutorial, and I mean quick.


Of course you can do URLs, but you can do it direct too.

You can upload direct, just takes a few extra steps...
Start typing on the quick reply, hit preview...
then click attachments and other options, and there is an attach option, click browse and it'll go to your computer file (my documents on my computer).  Pick a file, then post.  [They do just post in a row below your typing, but they are there.]

How's that Diane?    Don't know if I could do more details, and I'm not very good at URLs.

Perfect, thanks.

And, if you want to use a url, just click on the picture icon (first on the left) and drop the url between the 2 parts -- you'll see the two image brackets [ img ] and  [ /img ]:

.  Drop your url between the two, and the picture should appear.

There are two ways to include pictures in your posts.

The first and easiest is the one Chanda describes that attaches the picture from your computer and puts a thumbnail image at the bottom of your message that can be clicked on to view full sized.

The second method allows you to insert your picture where you want in your message. To do this the image file already needs to be posted somewhere on the web .... on your own website or one of the many photo storage websites. You also need to know the address of the image file. The address will look like this
--- Code: ---
--- End code ---
. Click on the insert image button (first button in the second row of buttons), then put your images address between the following tags
--- Code: ---[img][/img]
--- End code ---
and your picture will be posted. If you don't have pictures posted anywhere on the web but still want to use this method, I've added a photo gallery to the forum .... each member has their own section. Upload your pictures to your gallery and when you view those pictures you will see a web address listed below the photo that you can use to insert the picture in messages.

Thank you so much Marty!!


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