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Hows the weather ?

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I am currently enduring some of the WORST weather i think ive ever seen in 36 years. The current temperature is 4 degrees Celsius with an expected high of 9.

Last night I lost two massive Cyprus trees that sit on the boundary line and two of my hay feed sheds have been dragged over 10 m by the antarctic winds that we are currently receiving. it is expected to snow in the area that i live , which in 36 years it has never done so.

One of my feed sheds has all my hard feed in it, cannot wait to open it tonight to see the state of the inside of it. The other is hay only, which I can deal with.

All the horses are fine which is the main thing, There is a fair bit of damage to the boundary fence , good thing is that my TBs cant get out as the tree is massive. Minis Live up near the house.

These winds are expected to continue right through today and tonight , so my fingers are crossed that we dont get anymore damage.  ;pray

Hope your weather passes quickly with no further damage.

Thanks , me too :)

Praying for you and that the weather turns more positive for you!  Keep us posted and hang in there!   ;pray ;pray

Thanks to you both :)

The winds have died down which is good , now just have to get a bob cat home to get the shed removed off the gate :)

The forecast for the next week is quite good  ;pray


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