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Author Topic: "Chylly" arrives  (Read 1753 times)

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Re: "Chylly" arrives
« Reply #30 on: January 08, 2017, 10:36:28 AM »

As I said in other threads, I'm catching up here to keep from eating out of boredom.  O:-)

How's Chylly doing? Since her name sounds like how the weather is now, is she frisking around happily? Have you recovered enough to be able to do more than "get by" chores with any of the weanlings?
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Re: "Chylly" arrives
« Reply #31 on: January 14, 2017, 11:46:37 AM »

Finally started feeling better and things crazy at work.  Went from less than 20 hours/week before Christmas to having one employee quit and another have emergency surgery and can't return to work until end of Feb.

Got 4 hours of overtime the first week of January, then with the storm - worked one day when the surgeries were closed and then we called in another vet and changed Thursday to a 2 doc day got some of the 3 CXL'd days rescheduled.  With new systems in place, not enough employees & no volunteers - we all worked a full 12 hours (vets didn't, of course)...  Next week is looking to be 7734 - and our office manager is scrambling to go thru 20 applications (some didn't even qualify to get called back - have no idea why? just overheard something probably shouldn't have...).  At least I will be making 2x more than what I had been, but man o man - TIRED...

It's always been a big deal when phone calls don't get returned and in the past, I've been reprimanded for that as well as asked/gone over ways to make them smoother, go faster...  So when phone calls are left in our voice mail log, i feel mega guilty for not calling people back!  So mentally, there's been stuff going on, too, with not enough people to get everything done.  Didn't help - phone system changed before Christmas, we just got used to it and the phone company did updates last week.  Called said everything good - bout our main phone line didn't come back on line.  Everyone told our message boxes full (NOT) - and some were calling back on the after Surgery line...  Made things rough. 

Then there's the normal "idjits" that didn't understand why the clinic was CLOSED for 3 days (they made it in - why couldn't everyone?).  No understanding for the vet that comes from the NORTH of us do do THEIR PETS at 1/3 the cost OR to anyone who isn't directly off the highway, with roads still closed due to ice.  GEEZ! 

And the no-shows now - all folks that get their "blankety-blankin'" surgeries for free (we may start charging a $25 fee to them now because of the ones who have "ruined it" for the rest.  It sucks when you have 2 vets scheduled and there are enough no-shows to send one + employees home due to not enough work that day.  Happened several times in the 8 days of work before Christmas - made for short paychecks for the rest of us).  I was ready for a "real" drink on Thursday by noon...  Kinda glad they needed help to recover dogs after surgery - gave me a break from listening to the complaints, LOL.

Chylly doing OK.  No, haven't really done anything with her lately.  She did get her hooves trimmed yesterday.
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