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 on: February 16, 2018, 11:17:04 PM 
Started by Carly Rae - Last post by Carly Rae
No news is definitely good news in this case. :)
Mum is going great, Safe Soda is still continuing to help her, she is not alkaline yet, but she is getting there (can take 6-12 months). Still no malignancy in her tumour and she is feeling better than ever. She has lost about 20kg simply by eating healthy. She didnt get her story up, she tried filming it with them but it didnt go well. She hasn't touched chemo or radiation, and hasn't seen a doctor since. She has a naturopath who does her blood tests every couple months and she has had a thermography test and it showed good results.

As for her friend (her name is Jeanette) they both arranged to meet up at home and talk, it became quite a heated argument but in the end sorted it out. Then Jeanette wanted to come to a Safe Soda presentation and she was quite obnoxious and rude to Dean (the man who runs it) and accused him that he doesn't know what he's doing ect ect. After that mum never heard a word from her for months. Then she came back and picked another argument with mum, tore her down and said some very nasty things, mum decided to delete her contact and remove her from her life. Jeanette decided to take it further and called Dean and started abusing and threatening him. So she is no longer apart of our lives, but mum has full support from the entire family, and family is what matters. :)

I really appreciate everyone's support here! xx  ;D

 on: February 16, 2018, 08:42:46 AM 
Started by Holly - Last post by dcwolcott
HA!  This had me laughing!!  So enjoyable to read, and you make me tired just thinking of all you're doing!

 on: February 16, 2018, 08:40:44 AM 
Started by Carly Rae - Last post by dcwolcott
Yes, please!!   ;pray ;pray ;pray

 on: February 16, 2018, 08:39:55 AM 
Started by Holly - Last post by dcwolcott

Of course I'm an Amazon fan, so you purchase the Kindle (get the one with the background light -- so you can read in dim light or no light).  Then you purchase books and they download right to the Kindle where you can read them to your heart's content.  When you've finished a book, you can "remove" it from the device and they upload to the cloud.  But, you can retrieve everything with just a touch, so they're not really gone. My first Kindle didn't have the background light and I found that a nuisance since I like to sit in the dark and don't turn on house lights when I'm home.  But when Katy got me a new Kindle with the light behind it, it was a simple touch, and all my books from the old Kindle were automatically transferred to my new Kindle.  Whoosh!

I currently have 64 books downloaded ready to read, and I can't even guess at how many I've removed to the cloud. The nice thing is I follow a couple of my favorite authors (Stephen King, James Patterson and many others) and on Amazon can pre-order upcoming books that they're writing, and they automatically download to my kindle when they've been published.  So, sometimes it's like getting a present when I forget they're coming since you can sometimes order months in advance of their release.

Then for the "aging" mind, Amazon also alerts you if you already have the book, so you don't order the same book twice.

So nice, small and light, very comfortable in your hand, and fits in my purse, so when I go take my car for oil changes or servicing, I just pull out my kindle and read while I wait.  And great when I'm traveling by plane -- no bulky book to carry.  I just love it! 

Then another PLUS -- my kids never know what to get me for my birthday or Christmas, and they always ask.  So my answer is always get me an Amazon Gift Card, which I load right to my Amazon Account, and spend on Kindle books!  Best gift they could give me, since I get to choose my own "present" !!

All in all, for the amount of pleasure my Kindle gives me, the cost for purchase is minimal.

 on: February 15, 2018, 09:23:39 PM 
Started by Silver City Heritage Farm - Last post by Silver City Heritage Farm
Well, yeah, sure, we're defrosting.  For a couple of days it's 60-70 for the high, then 45-50.  Today (and tomorrow) it's 80.  Then back down to 50's for a day or two.  As I've said before, the weather seems to be much more likely to swing between extremes right now.

 on: February 15, 2018, 09:21:20 PM 
Started by Holly - Last post by Silver City Heritage Farm
I have a question about that kindle.  Do you store books on it?  Do you check books out?  Do you save them to the cloud?  I'm asking because I'm on book restriction.  We just don't have the space to be storing ANYthing, let alone books right now. My husband used the "puppy dog crossed with Antonio Banderas' Puss-in-Boots" eyes on me, and asked me not to bring any more stuff home.  So I'm not.

Anyway, I only know about kindle from people talking about it.  I don't actually know how it or it's service works.

 on: February 15, 2018, 09:14:58 PM 
Started by Carly Rae - Last post by Silver City Heritage Farm

Hi Carly!!  I wanted to bump this up, since we haven't heard much from you lately.  I'm hoping that no news is good news?

How is your mom coming along?  Did the SafeSoda continue to help her?  Did she get her "cancer story" recorded and onto the website?  Is she stable--or even better--in remission?  Did she use any other holistic methods, or did she end up using traditional chemo or radiation treatments?  Has she reconciled with her friend?  I know that I wouldn't be as settle as I am right now, if I hadn't had my best friend to support me lately.

I do hope she is in recovery, and that you'll be able to update us with good news soon.  Until then, know that there are people all over the world who love you and your family and are praying for you.

 on: February 15, 2018, 08:48:41 PM 
Started by Holly - Last post by Silver City Heritage Farm
Well, I can't the pictures from my phone to download to my computer.....because it's SO SMART, and thinks it knows what I want.  >:( :o >:(

I spent 5 hours one day, setting up one garden bed.  It's made from my portable chicken pen that is 3 feet wide by 3 feet tall by 9 feet long (guesstimate.)  I set it up where I want to place one semi-raised bed, and is about 2 feet from the chain link fencing of Spanky's pen.  After I had it in the spot, I arched a cattle panel over each end, which left a spot about 2 feet wide in the middle that isn't covered by cattle panel.  One end of the panel is butted up against the chicken pen, and the other is against the fence.  (Imagine the pen as a horse. One end sits touching the near side, the other is against the fen on the off side--the pen is inside the arch.)  This left me with an aisle on the one side.  I then used some green plastic garden fencing that is 3 feet wide to enclose most of the top of the arches.  It left a space about 2 feet wide along the top, which is about 6 feet high at the top of the arch. (Remember this, it's important later.  ;))  I used a tarp to cover one end of the chicken pen, and set up a roost.  Each long side of the pen also has a sheet of tin along the outside of it. To finish, I layered leaves, then old OLD  manure from Spanky's old lot, then I raked up the hay from the barn and put it on top.  I damped everything down......then ran out of steam.  The plan is, to pen the chickens up there until 1 April, so that they can till it up for me.  That's why I put the tin along the sides, so they wouldn't kick everything out and leave a 6 inch deep pit.  (I learned that after previous times penning them up.)

That was last week.  I've spent the time since trying to herd, entice, chase, bribe and beg them into that pen.  What I have left (after storms and a couple of predator losses) are two Campine hens and my original little bantam rooster, Chauncy.  Campine's are a wonderful breed to have if you're not in town.  They are intelligent, curious, healthy, hardy, free range well, and are fairly steady layers of medium eggs.  Mine are a pale pinkish tan in color.  They don't, however, care to be penned up, hence the chasing during the last week.  I finally bit the bullet, and didn't feed them yesterday or this morning.  (That didn't stop them from raiding the cat food dishes though. Chauncy chased the stray kitties off and the hens ate to their hearts' content.)  When I went out this afternoon, I took TASTY, DELICIOUS table scraps.  I made sure that they got to peek into the dish, then I went down to the pen and chucked it in.  The mistake they made was all running into the pen at the same time--trapped!! I chuckled like this  >:D >:D as I closed and locked the door.

Now, do you remember what I said to remember above, about the space up top?  By the time I'd wobbled the (about) 20 feet to the house, I heard cackling.  Looked over my shoulder just in time to see the 2 hens fly out.  >:( >:( >:(  They ran off like the crazy women they are.  Since it was close to roosting time, I went ahead and let Chauncy out.  I'll look to see if I have a tarp long enough to cover it all, and try again another day.

 on: February 15, 2018, 07:41:25 PM 
Started by Holly - Last post by dcwolcott
Thanks!!  She's a nice kitty, too -- one of 3 I have -- She's a snowshoe ragdoll (neutered), and I have a Lynx-point Siamese boy (neutered) and a calico Persian girl (registered/neutered).  And in the mix, I have a little Pomeranian who drives us all crazy!!

And you think you saw a lot of books?  I have two rows of books on shelves that circle the room, up at the top by the ceiling of the room, going completely around the room, and all are pretty full.  I'm an avid reader, and my kids got so tired of carrying suitcases of hardcover books to vacation, they got me a kindle years ago, and a newer one last year, so they don't have to work so hard!  LOL  But I LOVE my new kindle!  I can read in the dark, and that's wonderful!

 on: February 15, 2018, 07:33:49 PM 
Started by Holly - Last post by Silver City Heritage Farm
I don't sew, so please take this with a grain of salt.  Might I suggest the ribbons be sewn to another piece of cloth, then made into the ponies?  That would make it easier for me...if I could sew.

Diane, I didn't notice a messy office.  Only a photobomber kitty and lots of BOOKS! LOL

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