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Title: Driving
Post by: elizabeth.conder on September 19, 2017, 01:48:21 PM
Does anyone drive their minis here? If so how did you train them and how did you decide which class would be good for them?

I have a 33.5 inch mare that I'd like to train. But I don't know where to start.
Title: Re: Driving
Post by: dcwolcott on September 19, 2017, 06:06:19 PM
She is so pretty!!  I love that rich color!

I have never driven my minis, but have owned a few National Championship Driving horses:

Bugle Boy - the 1994 AMHR National Champion Stallion, a Three-time AMHR Hall of Fame recipient in Halter and Driving, AMHA and AMHR National Top Ten in Country Pleasure Driving, and AMHA Regional Grand Champion Country Pleasure Driving Horse. Bugle Boy continually passed on this outstanding performance ability to his offspring, and has sired National Futurity Driving Champions and Top Ten All Star Halter horses.


"Tuxy" - Tuxedo Too, an unbeatable Driving Performance horse sired by Flying W Drummer Boy of Kamelot. He is a Four-time AMHR Hall of Fame recipient in Halter, Roadster, Country Pleasure and Pleasure Driving. Tuxy holds 24 Grand Championships, with 24 Grand Championships in Halter, plus 16 Championship Stakes in Park Harness, 18 Championship Stakes in Roadster, 6 Championship Stakes in Country Pleasure Driving and 6 Championship Stakes in Pleasure Driving. Unfortunately for me, he won many of these championships as a stallion, but then the person I purchased him from had him gelded, and he won everything again -- but was of no use to me in my breeding program, so I sold him.

Best of luck, there is nothing nicer than a good driving horse!
Title: Re: Driving
Post by: Ryan on September 19, 2017, 07:34:51 PM
I too have never driven mine either but have used "Ground Driving" techniques for a few thoroughbreds that have retired from racing. Usually TBs are so wound up when they come off the track and after they had a "let down " for a month or two , I found doing some "ground driving" a plus before I put the saddle back on them. I found this also helped the horse to round nicely onto the bit.

I reckon Paula will have some great tips for you to begin with :) Hopefully she is back on soon!!