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Title: Onward - LP Painted Ponys 2017
Post by: paintponylvr on April 06, 2017, 09:55:48 AM
Decided to separate the other post (lice)..


It didn't help - part of what we've been dealing with since January is "bad hay".  I got 2 loads of hay (20 large round bales total) that some were loaded with what turned out to be a VERY BAD WEED(15 bales total).  That weed is known as Fox tail, "cheet grass" and a variety of names here in America.  In green form - in pasture, it appears to be OK for all livestock.  In cured, baled form - it's BAD especially for equines - who have much more sensitive/less resilient skin/gums/internal organs but does/can affect all livestock.  Each seed has a "cork screw" on it (in the fox tail) and when it is consumed that "corkscrew" screws into any soft tissue - creating sores, lesions and ulcers (any of which can and sometimes do get infected). 

Not only have I been working many extra hours at work, but I was running like mad treating about 20 ponies every other day with a salt water rinse in their mouths - to help heal the lesions/sores.  It was tough and hard work (while also dealing with the tail end of bronchitis myself), but seemed to have worked for most.  I've not talked about it as I simply either hadn't had time AND wasn't really ready to admit that after more than 30 years of dealing with hay/horses, I found something I hadn't seen SINCE 30 years ago!!!  WE did ultimately lose two ponies w/i a week of each other due to other complications (colic - K-La; organ shut down after losing A LOT OF WEIGHT, almost over night - Ranger.  He had been on vet provided fluids, though he did stay here and wasn't taken to a vet hospital.  He was standing, eating and drinking on his own when he laid down and never got up again during the day while I was at work.  He'd finished his feed for the 3rd day in a row!  Even the vet was happy when I'd texted that he appeared to be doing so well, before I left for work and acted very surprised when I again texted when I arrived home.  We didn't end up doing a necropsy, though we probably should have...). 

We had already lost Bit in December (again, no I hadn't talked about it yet... still not fully ready to) - Kechi had been attacking ponies and when she went after Bit in a kicking "orgy" - she broke her right hind leg up near her hip/pelvis - Larry and I put her to sleep before the vet arrived... after originally not knowing/realizing her leg was broken and we had slung her up in the same set up Kechi was in last summer.

YES, our hay guy helped out.  No refund of $$, but different hay provided (not the best quality? VERY brown, but not moldy or filled with "bad" weeds - seen in some of my pics since Jan).  After treating, the ones that have lost weight are gaining.  I did a LOT of switching around of pens/paddocks and quite a few are currently getting fed small squares of coastal hay as well as Chaffehay.  I may put water in the feed pen in the smaller pasture/paddock where Koalah & Tory are, keep them in overnight and feed them Chaffehay free choice overnight as well so that they retain the weight they have both steadily put back on while they are nursing Guinness and Trixie.  Then turn them out during the day with the three open mares (Flower, GG & KoKo)... 

I checked with other hay suppliers - some of which I've dealt with for many years though not much in the last 2 since we moved - and no one has "green hay" from last year.  All were affected by Hurricane Matthew - either cutting(s) after the storm (brown, dry, non-nutritious hay) or lost due to mold in the barn during/after the storm.  I've seen green hay being hauled - but the ones I've talked to are having it brought in from way outside our areas at 100 - 175 a round...  Um...  we'll continue working with what I'm doing right now...  All of the hay suppliers that I'd talked to as of last week are/were worried about decent, timely cutting this spring/summer - but the rain right now may change that.

Another "downer" on the pony front - I've had several that were sired by Iggy (we originally had 11 ponies sired by him - the 3 worst cases were euthanized along with him in 2014) that are having issues with the "sticky stifles", now again, too (notably Cupid & Shamrock).  Really beginning to think it is/can be painful as it's changed Cupid's personality - he's becoming a grumpy, sour fellow - especially when both lock up and he appears to not be able to move at all, though part of that may be missing Ranger(?) - who was his year & pasture mate.  And that always seems to happen (locked stifles) when we have new acquaintances or prospective pony purchasers come out - we've had some complaints and OMGs o that ...  sigh.  In the past, the different things we've tried to "help" him haven't really helped much.  So...  The vets who deal with this situation (the big name ones, ??) in Southern Pines are still undecided as to which way would work for him and combined with our <lack of> finances, too, that's an issue as well.

and yes, now the bugs.  Bigger SIGH.  When will we EVER get to work with our ponies NORMALLY???? 


ON a good note - affected ponies (from the weeds) that had lost weight, are all steadily gaining and starting to look good; the new foals, while not "needed" have been a huge bright spot and as of this AM, none seem to be affected by the bugs; the floors are done in the house (for now - have more to do); trails have been started and garden(s) have kinda been started (though are now late with planting, :)  ).  We must be up for this challenge, as so far, Larry and I are surviving and on occasion have gotten to go out, still, as well. 

Koal, previously sold to Vicki, has both testicles descended and is being castrated at 11 months of age on April 13th - by a local vet at Central Carolina Community College (only a Vet Tech program).  To give students in this class experience dealing with equine that have been given drugs/made sleepy, keeping them "asleep" during a procedure in the field, keeping sterilized tools that way in a field situation, waking them back up safely and checking all vitals before/during and after the procedure.  I was surprised when I was contacted about this and VERY, VERY grateful.  While Koal is no longer ours, I will be hauling him and maybe in the future I will be able to provide others (ie - 2017 colts).  I have no idea what charges I may or may not have yet, but should be less than paying normal vet castration fees.  Any little bit is nice, actually...  :)  I'm waiting for word back to find out if Riddler can also go to be at least checked out to see where we are at with him and if he is ready/down MAYBE to be able to castrate him, too.

Title: Re: Onward - LP Painted Ponys 2017
Post by: Chanda on April 06, 2017, 01:20:09 PM
So sorry for your losses. 
We have some foxtail here, but the horses seem to avoid it, or something, as I've not had issues with it and our horses (never seen it in my purchased hay, but occasionally in our homegrown).
I'm pretty sure I've read that sticky stifles can be at least partially genetic, as it's related to conformation and leg structure; but it can be helped with good nutrition, proper trims and exercise.   I'm sure you know this, but throwing it out there for some that may not that are reading the forum.

My girls are finally gaining decent weight that had lost last fall before I weaned foals; cold winter weather doesn't help.  They got plenty of hay, the quality just wasn't there nutritionally (pretty much all late season due to our screwy weather); most of my hay is homegrown, so I can't do much about the quality, except to supplement with hay pellets or commercial fortified pellets.
Title: Re: Onward - LP Painted Ponys 2017
Post by: Ryan on April 06, 2017, 06:53:10 PM
Sorry Paula for the loss of your furkids.
It is a terrible grass , unfortunately we have it here too (fountain grass).

Hope things continue to improve for you, sending best wishes your way  ;pray
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Post by: dcwolcott on April 07, 2017, 06:07:57 AM
So sorry to read this with all you've had going on in your own health.  Sending lots of prayers your way for things to improve. ;pray ;pray ;pray
Title: Re: Onward - LP Painted Ponys 2017
Post by: paintponylvr on April 14, 2017, 02:06:00 PM
Some general pics of ponies, LOL. ... 2 of the boys taken in March and some of the JR girls taken yesterday.
Title: Re: Onward - LP Painted Ponys 2017
Post by: dcwolcott on April 16, 2017, 08:57:32 AM
All very pretty (and handsome as the case may be?)

So cute all shaggy!
Title: Re: Onward - LP Painted Ponys 2017
Post by: paintponylvr on April 27, 2017, 08:35:09 AM
I'm ready for this overload of education to stop long enough to take a breather.  We've lost a total of 5 ponies since December 16th (various reasons).  I'm tired, sad, overwhelmed and just ...  TIRED...

Bit was euthanized on December 16th when Kechi attacked her and both dislocated the hip & broke her upper rear leg (Femur) an inch+ below the hip ball/socket.

Ranger passed AFTER being seen by a vet, being put on fluids and was doing well, eating and off of fluids...  Felt to be complications due to the Foxtail weed/hay situation.  Determined that his organs had shut down too much and even though he had started gaining weight, was standing/eating and doing well, he suddenly laid down and never got up again.

K-La passed lost 10 days later due to complications (vet/we think) from colic/weight loss again due to the Foxtail weed/hay situation in February. 

Jynx & Trixie, we think, may have been through complications due to treatment (over zealously so?) for the lice... 

Trixie ACTUALLY may have been a weird lightning strike.  All 5 mares in that paddock are still acting nervous/jittery even this morning.  They go to the hay bales and pick, then startle and leap away.  Trixie's body was found next to the smallest hay bale - in the afternoon, after the rain had stopped, when I arrived home from work.  IF it truly was lightning - this is the first time we have dealt with it directly ourselves, but not the first time I've dealt with it.  We've taken in 2 other horses who were in barns struck by lightning where other horses killed outright and the 2 we took on had physical & "mental" issues...


Good will come of it - the bodies of Bit, K-La & Ranger were burned (a truly Viking type sendoff!!) and now their bones have been added to the mounds that we are planting with our fruit trees around the round pen.  The bodies of Jynx and Trixie will be burned this weekend and their bones will also be added to the mounds.  I did ? that with the county Ag re: the treatment for lice (Permethrin) and was told that it should be Okay...


There is spring/life all around us - I have proof in front of eyes - greening of the trees, flowers blooming, two other boisterous boy colts, ducklings & chicks doing great - but right now this property feels like it is wrapped with death.  I feel like every time I turn around, since we went to closing on this property on 19 December 2014, that I am faced with something/someone passing here.  I know that's not true but right now I don't feel it... 

Sorry to dump this here...

Title: Re: Onward - LP Painted Ponys 2017
Post by: Chanda on April 27, 2017, 10:00:19 AM
So very sorry about your losses.
I knew you had lost Bit, but not the others.  I was feeling bad having lost one horse and a barn cat, but just can't imagine what you are going through.
Title: Re: Onward - LP Painted Ponys 2017
Post by: paintponylvr on April 27, 2017, 10:56:56 AM
Chanda -

Thank you. 

This has just been one "zinger" after another.  Not all have been death or dying, but all have been hard to deal with - and it's been constant since we moved into this property.  Part of it stems from property/home ownership - literally something every 45-60 days -  but OMG, can it take a break, please?

You are right, I hadn't "talked" about the other two deaths yet.  Hadn't planned on posting this morning but it just "flowed", so i guess it was the right time.

and thank you again.
Title: Re: Onward - LP Painted Ponys 2017
Post by: paintponylvr on April 27, 2017, 11:08:02 AM
and losing "just one horse, and a cat" is still very much a loss!  I totally understand.

Part of the reason(s) I hadn't posted about the deaths is I was still dealing with the loss(s) AND questioning just about everything in regards to horse ownership (and livestock period) and their care and our "stupidity" (if that is what it can be called?).  It's just been one big upheaval after another - the catalyst seems to be/feel like our move to this property that was supposed to be such a joy to work with...
Title: Re: Onward - LP Painted Ponys 2017
Post by: Chanda on April 27, 2017, 12:30:56 PM
My mare wasn't a surprise, she needed to be euthanized; it was my mare that fell on ice and dislocated her shoulders a few years ago, the accident just set off a series of problems that I just couldn't get on top of, so it was time to let her go.   
I understand questioning decisions.  Don't blame yourself.  You've definitely had more than your fair share of crap lately (can't think of any other words to use).   
Hopefully, you'll start feeling that joy of owning property soon.   Yes, of course, it's a lot of work, but it should be fun, not stressful.
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Post by: dcwolcott on April 27, 2017, 05:48:27 PM
Well, we're here for you.  We've all had bad outcomes, and know some of the pain you're feeling, but I've never experienced the number you have been suffering through.  Sending lots of prayers for you.  Don't give up, you are a wonderful mom and love these little beings, and we're here to help.  Feel free to vent -- we all do it, and this is one of the best caring groups of people I know.  You are surrounded with love and caring!  {{{HUGS}}}   ;pray
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Post by: Ryan on April 27, 2017, 07:51:51 PM
Paula you can dump what ever you need to here, we are all friends :)

I am so terribly sorry for all you have been through of late , not only with the horses but your own health issues over the last year.

I wish i had words of wisdom to help ease the pain you must be feeling , but know im  thinking of you all and wish only the best for you.

Take Care Ryan :)
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Post by: paintponylvr on April 28, 2017, 07:24:27 AM
I want to thank everyone here for their support during this trying time in our lives!!!  This has not been any fun and I actually hit my knees the other day and asked "Y" "he" was asking us to deal with all of this. I've always believed the scripture(s) that state that "he" only gives out that which "he" believes will make you stronger, but this is bordering on way, way too much (and I'm not overly religious or a fanatic, but a solid believer in Christianity)...

I spoke at length with the Pasture/Livestock Ag county rep yesterday.  But of course, several of his comments centered around we'd never get ahead of this mess until we treat every pony/horse on the property at the same time(exact same day, too - not a group on Friday, group on Sat, group on Sun).  I was really, really "low" when I got off the phone...  Once I have the initial heavy grooming and trimming done, that will be easier to accomplish, but still don't think I can do all of them on the same day with just treating/worming...  We shall see.

I actually have a few that haven't even really checked yet: the 1/2 arab gelding, the arab mare in the boys' pasture; even wild girl, Taff; Kechi & Toro -who've both been in the round pen since December - I've not caught them and really checked/dug thru their manes/forelocks.  HOWEVER - of those 5 - none of them are actually rubbing or scratching like the rest all had been - though I've definitely seen different levels on that as well!  Taff is the only pony on the property that has fully shed out & honestly - she's NEVER had the lice issue since we got here.

Chylly and Blitzen are grazing up by the fence where I can easlily see them right now, so they are doing OK, still...

It's raining here again today, pulling manes is difficult and can't treat with a powder medication at all right now, so treating the boy's pasture isn't going to work.  It's predicted to rain all weekend...  We need the rain, but...
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Post by: paintponylvr on April 28, 2017, 08:57:17 AM
here are some pics taken after the JR mares were treated -

Blitzen -



Classy - Gwen helped me groom/treat all 9 of the JR girls and Bell and was very happy when Classy let her catch her a 2nd time for this pic op - 



have some more, but will post later...
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Post by: dcwolcott on April 28, 2017, 01:17:30 PM
So pretty!!
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Post by: paintponylvr on May 28, 2017, 08:09:07 PM
Well, it's been a month since I posted...  Been trying to keep up with everything and just keep going.  Job hours have been cut back, so I can do more at home and then stay home simply because it's amazing how much gas you don't have when you get 10-20+ hours cut from work week. 

We've had two fillies born since we lost the others.  A bay filly out of 'Clipse arrived on 30 April.  No I hadn't posted about her - had still been questioning so many things.  Then a black filly today - 3/4 sister to the bay on the 30th...



Hadn't really gotten any other pics of her since...

Have been treating for the lice, got some planting done, been on the phone alot & on the computer too, setting things up.  Mom is not doing well and as of 2 days ago is back in hospital.  Heart not doing well.  Have funds set up and we are doing checks every so often into costs for tickets which way to MT...  Not so sure will be a fun or easy trip, but necessary.  Hope to have mom with us till 75th B-day on the 15th of June, but may not be so.

2 weeks ago, I opened up the pens between Taff and 'Clipse & Cheri so the mares and 2 foals could start interacting.  Then Friday, the foals were caught & haltered and both 'Clipse/Nalani and Taff/Nymbus moved to the "nursery paddock".  Hopefully all continues to go well - Taff has not "blown thru" the fencing as she did so long ago when she first arrived in NC.  Her first time in a real "pasture" since Mothers Day 2012.  Everyone was doing great so far. 




Cheri foaled today - haven't named this filly yet.



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Post by: paintponylvr on May 28, 2017, 08:14:02 PM
The girls are both looking better and doing better -



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Post by: dcwolcott on May 29, 2017, 09:33:32 AM
CONGRATULATIONS on the 2 new fillies!! 

I'm remembering you hoped this years foal crop had a lot more white, and I think in most you got your wish!  They are all just beautiful!!!
Title: Re: Onward - LP Painted Ponys 2017
Post by: Holly on May 29, 2017, 10:40:26 AM
Just beautiful Paula!!
Love how the foals at growing up!!
Title: Re: Onward - LP Painted Ponys 2017
Post by: Ryan on May 29, 2017, 07:23:41 PM
Congratulations Paula on the arrival of your new fillies, both lovely :)

Sorry to read about your mum , sending best wishes to you.

Glad you posted and great to read that Taff is staying where she is supposed to be and leaving the fencing alone.

Take care Ryan :)