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Title: Nymbus - 2017 colt
Post by: paintponylvr on March 01, 2017, 03:40:33 PM
He's arrived - safe, sound and "well baked".  Taff doesn't appear to have had any problems with foaling (hard to tell, since we can't exactly handle her).  He's nursing and doing all the things a new born should do.

I had posted him in our 2017 thread, but here's a couple of photos -



Title: Re: Nymbus - 2017 colt
Post by: dcwolcott on March 01, 2017, 04:48:59 PM
What a handsome boy, and love that long blaze!!  And I know you wanted some white patterning, and it looks like he's got "some" -- not a lot, but enough to see -- with tall white stockings??  VERY handsome!!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!
Title: Re: Nymbus - 2017 colt
Post by: Ryan on March 01, 2017, 07:20:33 PM
Lovely boy Paula , you were certainly blessed with the arrival of this little "beauty" , Congratulations again :)
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Post by: Chanda on March 01, 2017, 07:55:29 PM
Ok, thought I posted here before going out to feed. 
He's so cute.  Congrats!
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Post by: Rocklone on March 02, 2017, 12:51:23 PM
Congrats :)
Title: Re: Nymbus - 2017 colt
Post by: Holly on March 02, 2017, 02:39:43 PM
Congrats!! He is beautiful!!
Title: Re: Nymbus - 2017 colt
Post by: paintponylvr on March 02, 2017, 08:22:51 PM
Hi guys!!  Thank you for all the congrats.  He is looking pretty decent.  Understand I've only seen him in the dark this morning and tonight...

Having some issues with our Google photo albums.  Would you guys all go out to his page and see if you can open his photo album?  IF so and if not, I'd like to know.  Then I'd like to know if you have a Google account or not and if you were logged into Google when you viewed his album (or couldn't open it?)...  Don't understand why Google is making this SO difficult!!
Title: Re: Nymbus - 2017 colt
Post by: dcwolcott on March 03, 2017, 05:47:27 AM
Opened for me right away.  No problem here!
Title: Re: Nymbus - 2017 colt
Post by: Silver City Heritage Farm on March 03, 2017, 06:46:55 AM
Good morning Paula. I checked your links too. When you first sent me the message (text), I couldn't get in to his album either. I was on my cell, clicked the link you sent me, couldn't get in. Google chrome browser, I have a google account, and not signed in.

I tested both browsers on my laptop this morning. Google chrome, google account, logged in--works fine. Microsoft Edge, google account, not logged in--works fine.

Hope that helps!

As to Nymbus, he's quite compact isn't he??!! Very short back, big hip. I'm interested to see how he unfolds and fills out. :-)
Title: Re: Nymbus - 2017 colt
Post by: paintponylvr on March 03, 2017, 10:41:42 PM
Thank you all for checking.  I actually made some changes right after I wrote that up.  I think that made the difference.  My hubby and daughter can open it now, too.  The code I needed was in the "Share" area of the photo album (I'd already set the album to "public" so I thought I had the correct link) - I put that in place of the other one

I'm a little concerned about this boy.  He's nursing a lot, but doesn't really seem to be unfolding anymore.  Of course, we did have one whale of a storm when he was 24 hours old (moved things around a lot in our pastures).  He's "glued" to his dam (as he should be) but just ...  hard to describe.  She doesn't have a completely full udder today - staying kinda flat.  I didn't figure everything out until after it was too late to make it to a store to get more Foal Lac or Mare's Milk Replacer.  BUT I did have goats milk that I purchased right before we all came down sick.  So I checked it and it's still good, so warmed up a cup and took it out with a bowl (because of course the foal sized bottle/nipple aren't anywhere to be found either - think I gave them away?). 

I did put a place together that is almost knee deep in straw - right in her hay/grain feeder area - where he has already shown signs of liking to curl up and lay down when she eats.  I had one of my trusty seats between the two trees, so I caught him & picked him up, carried to the straw & bucket seat.  Sat down w/ him in front of me (& Taff in front of him but just out of fingertip touching range).  He showed some interest in the milk, but didn't quite get the hang of drinking from the bowl yet.  His tongue curled up cutely and it was nice and pink.  A skin pinch test showed that he isn't dehydrated, so I decided I was probably worried about nothing.  I'll maybe check on him again in two hours or so - before I finally go to bed.  Yesterday at work & today here were VERY long days.  My stomach is still rolling a bit queasy as well, not helping.  Just want to get over that already, LOL.

Our LR floor is just about done.  Larry put the trim molding on (didn't get finished by the crew & I wasn't paying for another day of work) - still need to finish that .  Tomorrow we'll be able to put the two "couches" (futons) back in, the TV set up and all of our movies/music cd's.  Can't wait - we moved them into the spare bedroom, but it's not the same...  Dogs, especially the biggest pit mix and the mini aussie, are totally unsettled by the slick floors.  Don't know if area rugs will fix that or not.  Just took pics of both the empty LR and the spare BR w/ the 1 futon/TV/electronics but nothing getting done with them tonight...
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Post by: dcwolcott on March 05, 2017, 08:33:29 AM
Didn't see. this when I posted on the other thread, but happy to read more about him.

Question: could the lack of the "full udder" on momma just be a sign that he is nursing well, and emptying her out?  He may be increasing his demand on her for milk as he's growing which may be keeping her udder more "lax".

Sounds like you're keeping a good eye on him, and we'll be praying that all is well with this precious little one. Please keep us posted.  ;pray ;pray 
Title: Re: Nymbus - 2017 colt
Post by: paintponylvr on March 05, 2017, 09:55:48 AM
I replied to your response in the other thread...

That occurred to both the vets offices that I spoke with and I DID question/wonder about it - but since I'd only experienced mares that did not drop milk all the way at all, this is new.  I think her running over him a couple of times (literally knocking him down to get away from us) - didn't help...

Her udder was much fuller yesterday and he didn't seem to be nursing quite as often.  His back end does look different and he's not trotting yet - he's doing a singlefoot/running walk and a really weird canter - like I see on the first day only until they get stronger.  To be honest he never whickered or whinnied at first either - heard that the first time YESTERDAY and it was a relief to hear his voice is intact, LOL.  While they are in a pen, it's substantially sized and they have quite a lot of area to move around in.

He is much stronger as of 4 am this morning.  I am getting ready to go actually feed ponies now and will report back - probably around noon?  I had another rough night as made a mistake and ate a full burger on toasted rye w/ onions (it was SSOOOO GOOOD), but tummy rebelled ALL NIGHT...  Not ready for veggies, at least not onions yet...  :(
Title: Re: Nymbus - 2017 colt
Post by: paintponylvr on March 18, 2017, 08:43:25 PM

Nymbus is doing great.  Except that Taff has "embued" him with her nervous, keep away from all people attitude (silly, witchy pony)...  :(

Taff is getting extra feed, straight alfalfa & Chaffhaye and coastal small squares.  She is filling out an looking ever so much better her ownself.  But the better looking she gets the wilder she also gets, it's depressing on one hand.

Sierra got home last night, picking up her boyfriend on the way home.  They came out to the pastures while was I finishing up with feeding and SHE CAUGHT TAFF (it DID take a while and more than one person in the pen to help get her stopped long enough for Sierra to get her hands on her - then Sierra HELD ONTO HER when she went crazy - long enough to get her lead rope on and then Taff was fine)!

"You may have my kid, but you aren't getting me"...   (and she struck at that hand several times as well as circling away screaming for her son to follow and then coming back when he "didn't")...


I think I got almost 30 pics of Taff and Nymbus but between their movement and the dusk, most are too blurred out... 

Here is right after Sierra got the lead rope on Taff's halter and then was just standing catching her own breath (she'd done some serious work to get to this point).  I'm actually surprised we can't see the red of Taff's nostrils - she was also blowing quite hard.


One of Nymbus that isn't blurry!



Title: Re: Nymbus - 2017 colt
Post by: dcwolcott on March 19, 2017, 12:48:50 AM
He is just a cutie!!!  I had one mare who was so shy when I got her.  Two years later when she foaled for me, the baby was inquisitive and would come up to me for scratches.  SHE eventually taught her momma that I was an okay pasture mate!  Hope Nymbus can do the same for you and Taff~
Title: Re: Nymbus - 2017 colt
Post by: paintponylvr on March 19, 2017, 09:43:36 AM
Hey, Diane -

Nymbus is turning into quite the stunner.  Still moves a little like a gaited horse, which truly surprises me because I've never seen it so prevalent in a Shetland or heard of it in the Minis.  Maybe if he was in a larger pen or in the pasture, he'd outgrow that quicker OR maybe he will remain gaited.  If he stays gaiting as he matures, he'll be a fun, comfortable pony for someone to ride.  By the time he's old enough, our granddaughters will be too big, but we've just had two sets of new neighbors move in - each with younger children, so we shall see.

Taff - well if I'd gotten her before I got soooo sick in 2012, maybe I could have done more with her?  I truly don't know.  I do not have the physical strength to hold her when she explodes anymore and trying to avoid flying hooves, well....  hmm....  and she truly doesn't care if she runs over the top of you when she means to vacate the area.  She has literally jumped into large men blocking her way - knocking them down or to the side - to get away from us.  She has gone thru several different kinds of fencing once she's been running (I really think her mind just goes totally blank) - including hot wire (broke both the light wire & the stranded rope), cattle panel (destroyed 2 panels and bent an 8' heavy steel post almost in half - was thankful she didn't impale herself), hi-tensile wire (6 strands - hit it running hard, got her head/chest thru a pair of wires and leaped and kicked until her whole body was thru the opening - very much like a deer)and field fence (when her legs went thru several sections, she again leaped and kicked until the fence section totally mangled and destroyed).  Since we caught her the one time after she tore thru 3 fences in a row, she went into the pen(s) made from the blue panels and has NEVER been fully turned out on larger pasture again since July of 2012.  She can and does move those panels around if they are not attached to posts, too.  And we've found where she's gotten them unpinned on occasion, too.  I've learned to check them, let me tell you!

She can and has drug full size cowboys who know how to throw and dally proper ropes around posts set in the ground, she can pull a 250# + man like any wild mustang (& worse than any I remember seeing or dealing with as a youth and young adult) and has run under a trainers' assistant horse when being worked with "naturally".  Several people have actually asked why I've kept her... 

If she would turn that cunning and crafty mind to working with people instead of being so dead set against them - she'd be an AWESOME pony!  She may never reach the potential I feel that she has and it makes me sad.  Her grand dam is getting older and is such a lovely, grand driving pony as well as a riding pony and a truly WONDERFUL mom that I really wanted this mare to turn out better.

It may be crazy and/or stupid, but I do plan on breeding her to Echo next month.  I DO want to see what the pair of them will produce.  Should be a truly NICE pony, a little larger, hopefully with Echo's great mind to offset her "crazy"... and then we'll see.  Of course, I DO also need to reduce some of our numbers as well - we need to get down from the 30 we are back up to to about 15...
Title: Re: Nymbus - 2017 colt
Post by: dcwolcott on March 19, 2017, 11:45:10 AM
I understand your sorrow at seeing such a beautiful girl be so incredibly shy and afraid.  Hopefully, you'll have a chance with Nymbus, as once weaned you can separate him and teach him that he is loved, and people are only there to be loving caretakers.

He's quite a stunner for sure!
Title: Re: Nymbus - 2017 colt
Post by: Ryan on March 20, 2017, 09:15:07 PM
I feel your pain with her Paula, I too, have a little mare that is much the same as Taff. Ive had her for two years now and had I have not been so held up with a dodgy coccyx and being able to get around freely , I may have been able to do a little more with her.

She is really good one minute then realises how close she is to human contact and then freaks out. She had very limited to no handling as a youngster apart from rushing a group of broodmares into a stall to have their feet trimmed and worming done. The girl I got her from had brought her forward in leaps and bounds in trust.

It is sad to see them like this , as you only want to help and let them know they are loved :)

But good on you for sticking with her , cause alot of people wouldnt have given her the time that you have :)
Title: Re: Nymbus - 2017 colt
Post by: paintponylvr on March 26, 2017, 10:00:11 AM
Pics of Nymbus from Friday!




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Post by: dcwolcott on March 26, 2017, 04:44:02 PM
LOVE those white stockings!!  He beautiful, and hope he was a bit easier to catch this time.
Title: Re: Nymbus - 2017 colt
Post by: Chanda on March 27, 2017, 01:19:34 AM
He's so cute.
Title: Re: Nymbus - 2017 colt
Post by: Ryan on March 27, 2017, 06:34:59 PM
I hope he is coming along well Paula and that he is starting to realize that us humans are there to love and help him :)
Title: Re: Nymbus - 2017 colt
Post by: paintponylvr on April 23, 2017, 10:50:38 AM
March and April weren't very conducive to working with him on that.  I'm hoping that May slows down a little bit??  But we are actualy doing a lot more with our property again - working a little less with each pony (or MORE since we are treating for the lice - but only, literally, grooming!)... 

He is growing nicely, though.
Title: Re: Nymbus - 2017 colt
Post by: dcwolcott on April 23, 2017, 11:52:26 AM
Well, hope you have the time to spend with him, just to let him know you're the best thing for him.  Nothing worse than a young stallion with attitude!  But we know you can handle it!
Title: Re: Nymbus - 2017 colt
Post by: Holly on April 23, 2017, 03:58:36 PM
I love his little angle wings!
Title: Re: Nymbus - 2017 colt
Post by: Silver City Heritage Farm on April 30, 2017, 06:22:06 PM
I saved looking at Nymbus for last, as I really liked him from the first foaling pictures that Paula posted. Just so you know, he's EVEN NICER in person than he is in the pictures. He was very curious, and appeared to be willing to leave mom to investigate. She doesn't have him totally convinced people are bad...he only turns away when she forces him to. It will be quite interesting to see how quickly he progresses after weaning.